MAY, 2018


Those that know me know that I love Disney. Disney films, Disney shows, Disney characters, actually anything associated with Disney.

I spent my years as varsity student collecting the entire Disney Gold DVD collection. The theme of my  21st was Disney characters (I went as Belle). My Thesis in my Honours year was about Disney films. And my biggest dream has always been to go to Disneyland.

Before you get your hopes up, that dream hasn’t come true yet (it will in the future, I’m sure).

But last year I went to go watch Disney on Ice. It was a big day.

When we walked into the building, it felt magical. There were Disney stalls everywhere, with the Disney characters beaming at us in the form of stuffed toys, t-shirts, hats, and even necklaces. My kids were going through a Frozen craze, so Abby obviously begged for (and got) an Elsa figurine (bad mom moment? Nah…). I wanted to buy something for myself as well, so I ended up buying a Belle necklace.

Then the show started. There are no words to describe the feelings I felt watching it. It combined two of my great loves: Disney and Ice skating! The ice skating was beautiful, the lighting was incredible, the show was so beautifully put together and there were Disney characters on stage!

It combined two of my greatest loves: Disney and Ice skating!
The kids loved it. They were singing and dancing along, enjoying that magical feeling that every kid gets when they see something incredible. Abby (then three years old) sat on my lap with her mouth hanging open most of the time. She sat still for 2 hours and she didn’t complain once. Every time she saw a character she knew, she would look at me with the biggest smile on her face and announce ‘That’s from my show, mommy!’

But no-one enjoyed it as much as me.

They did snippets from a few of the Disney movies I grew up on (like ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘The Lion King’), and I was taken right back to my childhood. I cried through much of the show, because I felt what I felt as a kid when I watched those movies.

Excitement, happiness, energy and fantasy all combined to create that ‘magical’ feeling.

Excitement, happiness, energy and fantasy all combined to create that ‘magical’ feeling.
As an adult, I don’t get that feeling a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I still get very happy and excited, but the truth is, sometimes reality really does bite. The issues that we face can really get us down.

But when I watched Disney on Ice, for a moment I forgot about the ‘real world’, and I could just enjoy the moment.

I don’t think that we should run away from our problems, but I also don’t think that there is anything wrong with stopping every once in a while and just enjoying a magical and beautiful moment.

I think there’s a reason that I love Disney so much, but I’ve never been able to actually go to Disneyland. It’s so that I will really appreciate it when it does happen. So that I can stop and really, truly and with all my heart, enjoy the moment.

The thing is, we forget to enjoy those magical moments in our lives (even though they do happen). In this rat race we call life, we always have an excuse. And we really do need to stop.

Just stop and enjoy kisses, hug more, laugh more, roll on the floor with your children, chase your husband down the corridor with whipped cream, and enjoy magical movie-moments that you can cherish and remember forever.


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